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Stephanie Cornett

I have three words on my business card that sum up who I am…curious…passionate…insightful. There is nothing I enjoy more than exploring ideas, people, and places.

Going to the unknown is pretty much what keeps me alive. In fact, my favorite quote is:

Go the unknown. Go the the unknown more and more.”

Once I’ve been to the unknown (really I live there!), I take what I’ve discovered and share it with others, because to me it simply is not as much fun unless I am giving it away. Finding that perfect piece of information and sharing it in the right Facebook group, that’s electric! Traveling to a far off place seeing into someone else’s world and then inviting others to join me there,that’s transformation!

This theme of going to the unknown has been a thread throughout my entire career. I’ve explored foreign lands during my time as the Senior Producer for the World Cup of Golf…32 countries, 62 golfers in a different venue every year. I’ve explored political and cultural ideas in my work as Executive Producer for talk radio…3 hours of live talk 5 days a week gives a producer a lot of room to explore and share ideas believe me.

Now I have the express joy and privilege of working with Wanderlust Entrepreneur as social media maven where I get to combine my love of travel and places with my love of information and sharing! What could be better than that? My worlds have collided in the most beautiful way. You could say I’ve had my own cosmic big bang!

Whether I am planning a retreat or Googling the hottest, most interesting info to share with the Wanderlust Entrepreneur tribe, this work has my heart singing and my soul soaring!

That’s why being a social media maven and working with Wanderlust Entrepreneur is the perfect place for me…it affords me the luxury of doing what makes my heart sing, with a flexible lifestyle and…bonus…it’s rewarding financially. I feel like I am home. If you can make that happen in your life, you are a success!

With all my love, Stephanie

PS: I’m also a retreat junkie and can’t imagine my life without them!

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