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​If you’re a retreat leader who’s looking for a deeply engaging experiential tool to help your clients answer their burning questions and problems pronto, then the Vision Walk meditation technique is just what you need to help them get crystal clarity and transformation in minutes, simply by accessing their own inner wisdom.

Brandt Morgan here (chief coach and author at Wanderlust Entrepreneur), and I want you to imagine yourself with a group of students, either in person or online.

You’ve just shared a short meditation taking them out of their heads and into their hearts, where they’ve asked a question of supreme importance.

For example: What’s my purpose in life? How can I improve this relationship? What’s my next step in my business? Or anything else.

Minutes ago, you watched quietly as they opened their eyes and began walking, as though in a dream. Now, back in the circle, you’re witnessing their experiences…AND their answers.

Your heart fills with joy as you listen to one student recount how the spirit of forgiveness helped her release an old relationship.

You listen wide-eyed as another astonished student talks about how a tree “spoke” to her, urging her to let go of the trauma that had haunted her since childhood.

You feel the excitement of a third who is thrilled about a new business idea that’s just popped into her head.

And you celebrate with a fourth who, after years of frustrated searching and seeking, is overcome with gratitude after finally finding her purpose in life.

Smiling in gratitude yourself, you realize these students have all gotten their answers and much more. They’ve accessed new energy and inspiration, new joy and excitement, new freedom and fulfillment.

And it’s all happened in the space of about half an hour — from a simple process they learned from YOU!

What could be more gratifying than that?

Well, if you want to experience this on your next retreat or workshop you certainly can, just by signing up for the Vision Walk, a process that gives clear and profound answers in minutes.

Brandt, the Vision Walk during my Jamaica retreat was EPIC!!!

Amazing transformational breakthroughs that added to the overall experience. Thank you for your courage to bring this to light and share. We were all blessed as a result.

Melissa Hughes

CEO & Founder at Live Rich, Spread Wealth

How can the Vision Walk help me in my business?

The Vision Walk process is perfect if you’re:

___Yearning to INCREASE YOUR VALUE as a coach, healer, teacher and retreat leader…

___Searching for a TRANSFORMATIVE TEACHING TOOL you can use for any retreat or class, either in person or online…

___Looking for A POWERFUL PROCESS that gives your peeps practical answers to pressing problems while putting them in touch with their own authenticity…

___Craving an EXPERIENCE that will make your retreats stand out – that’s both deeply powerful and life changing…

___Wanting a TIME-HONORED TECHNIQUE that can actually boost your income…

Bottom line: The Vision Walk process allows your clients to resolve ANY important question or problem in minutes, just by accessing their own inner wisdom.

And of course, the Vision Walk can be used personally to answer your own questions too! 🙂

Brandt, I wanted to let you know that I led a vision walk at my latest retreat and it was a hit!

So many people had breakthroughs, and they loved the experience.

Thank you so much for sharing the framework and giving me the space to create my own vision for the experience. I am grateful for your guidance and wisdom. <3

Laurie Morin

Author & Retreat Leader Guiding Adventurous Lives & Legacies

Brandt, where did the Vision Walk process come from?

The Vision Walk came to me in a flash of inspiration about 20 years ago when I was trying to get a group of students out of their heads and into their hearts.

Before doing a 10-minute, guided meditation, I instructed them to decide on a question of supreme importance (literally anything!)

Then I led them down into their hearts, where they asked their burning questions. And finally I sent them out on a short, leisurely stroll to find their answers.

Some had their answers even before the meditation was over. Others had them after a five-minute walk. Within 20 minutes, all 17 of those students had struck gold.

These weren’t just answers, either; they were life-changing experiences! 

A man who had asked how he could let go of the pain of his wife leaving came back with tears of forgiveness streaming down his face.

A depressed woman found new life and hope in the notes she was led to play on a piano.

A fearful woman finally embraced her own power and creativity by confronting her lifelong fear of spiders.

And several more students received crystal-clear messages about who they were and why they were on the planet.

From the looks on their faces, suddenly it dawned on me: Whoa, these people haven’t just gotten answers; they’ve been transformed! 

After that, I started doing Vision Walks with anyone who wanted them — both individually and with groups up to 250 — and everyone got their answers.

Based on its success, in 2003 I created a Vision Walk CD so that anyone could do the walk anytime, anywhere.

Then in 2006, I wrote an entire book, explaining the origins of the Vision Walk and how to use it to answer questions and solve problems in any area.

Now I’m ready to share it with you as a comprehensive online package — including ONGOING SUPPORT while you practice using it with your peeps!

Brandt, what’s included in the Vision Walk package?

  • THE COMPREHENSIVE VISION WALK EBOOK, ready for instant download. You’ll be receiving the updated version which was released on November 8th, 2022! The book includes everything you’ll ever want to know about the origins and how-to’s of the Vision Walk, as well teachings and stories (including my personal experiences with don Miguel Ruiz, author of The Four Agreements) that will be helpful on your spiritual path.
  • My 14-track Vision Walk book in MP3 form, also ready for instant download. With the MP3, you can listen to the essential chapters in the book anytime, anywhere — even while driving.
  • The Indispensable Vision Walk Meditation, also available as a handy MP3, so you can store it on your phone and do the walk anytime, anywhere — except while you’re driving! 🙂
  • A Quick-Start Instruction Guide that explains very simply all you need to know to get started doing Vision Walks right away.
  • A Comprehensive 2-Hour Class (including your own first Vision Walk) that explains the many ways you can use the Vision Walk for retreats, business and life, how to prepare yourself to do one, how to interpret your walk, and how to begin taking action to make the most of your answers.
  • Forever Access to my Seasonal, Live Online Vision Walks (4 each year!) where you can ask new questions, get fresh answers, get help with interpreting your walks, and learn more about how to use them with your clients.
  • Forever, Ongoing Access to my Vision Walk Private Facebook Support Group, where you can post your questions and experiences, get feedback from me and others in the group, and watch the class and seasonal Vision Walks as often as you like. The private Facebook group will be available indefinitely for ongoing inspiration and support!

The tuition for the entire Vision Walk process and ongoing support is ONLY $297 USD!
(or choose 2 payments of $153.50)

I love this process! I actually did a Vision Walk in my office at night and got a huge answer about the next step for me and my own work….

The Vision Walk should be part of EVERYBODY’S toolbox!”

Jack Canfield

Author of the" Chicken Soup for the Soul" book series

There are lots of cool things about the Vision Walk!

  • It gives you and your clients instant answers to their most important questions and problems (and yours too). 
  • It’s really versatile and convenient. Like a Swiss Army knife, it has many applications. And it’s a tool you can use over and over again, as often as you want or need.
  • You can use it anytime or anywhere — indoors or outside, during in-person retreats or virtual retreats online. Even in a public park, in the privacy of your home, in a library, during your lunch break or while staring at your computer screen!
  • All you need is a quiet place to do the meditation, and the rest will take care of itself. And it can be used on any kind of retreat!
  • There are no limits to WHO can use it. You can use it for yourself, your clients, your students, your partner, your assistant — even your kids.
  • There are no limits to what your retreat participants (or you!) can ask. All they have to do is get clear on their question (with your guidance and my specific meditation technique), and consult the clarity of their own heart. Done!

The Vision Walk is very simple but very powerful, and it can change your life.

In just a few minutes, Brandt teaches you how to turn off your mind, enter into your heart, and use your own inner guidance to answer any question or problem.”

don Miguel Ruiz

Author of "The Four Agreements"

How would you and your clients like to get instant answers to questions like these?

  • Who am I and why am I here?
  • What’s my purpose in life?
  • Where will I find happiness and fulfillment?
  • How can I make more money doing what I love?
  • What does this tough situation have to teach me?
  • How can I improve my relationships?
  • Where will I find the love of my life?
  • Who is my ideal client or partner?
  • What’s the perfect location for my retreat?
  • What’s the next step in my retreat planning?
  • Is my accountant trustworthy and competent?
  • Shall I hire an assistant or do it myself?
  • What does my business need most right now?

And how does it work? Well, it’s kind of magic, actually, but you have to experience it to truly understand the most magical thing of all: the source of ALL your answers is none other than the amazing, fantastic, fantabulous YOU!

Wouldn’t that in itself be worth the price of admission? I think so!

I’ll explain everything as soon as you say YES! And you can do that just by clicking on the link below. When you do, you’ll get instant access to a powerful new tool that will reveal the depth and wisdom of your own beautiful heart!

About Brandt Morgan – the guy who created this process!

Vision Walk opens our eyes — and more importantly our hearts — to what should be obvious common sense. This book is filled with wisdom, love and truth.”

—Steven E, creator of the Wake Up, Live the Life You Love book series 

Vision Walk is a graceful and timely bridge between the old ways and the new. A true walk in beauty.”

—Jose H. Lucero, elder at Santa Clara Pueblo, New Mexico 

“I sometimes doubt the Vision Walk will work, but the answers just come anyway. It’s pure magic!”

—Gabrielle Addor, Toltec student, Lausanne, Switzerland

It feels like I’ve been on a spiritual quest most of my life.

It all started in the fall of 1993, when I did my first Native American vision quest. Surrounded by scrub oaks and pines, I spent four days and four nights in a woodsy, ten-foot circle fasting, praying and dancing for a vision.

In a deep state of receptivity, communing with nature and the spirit world, I received precious messages from birds, ants and inchworms — even trees, rocks and clouds.

That first quest was a deep, magical experience that gave me crystal clarity about who I was, why I was here, and what I wanted to do with my life.

Even more magical, as I explained above, it was the sudden inspiration for the Vision Walk, where I discovered that an entire group of people could get similarly profound, life-changing answers from their surroundings in just a few minutes.

Since then, I’ve used Vision Walks to help guide thousands of people of all ages, both in person and online. And one of those people is myself.

It’s helped me in my career as a writer and editor, guiding me in the creation of nine books and hundreds of magazine and newspaper articles.

It’s inspired me as a life coach and Toltec Mentor, helping people discover their true selves and how to live their greatest dreams.

It’s given me the wisdom to be a better father to a strong young man who continues to be the light of my life. And it’s been a big boost in my work as wordsmith and head coach here at the Wanderlust Entrepreneur.

Looking back, though, I can’t think of a period of my life that’s been more exciting than now. And nothing has excited me more than the Vision Walk. Why? Because even after all the transformations I’ve witnessed, I can see clearly now that the answers you get are not nearly as amazing as where they’re coming from.

And where is that, you ask? Ahh, now, that’s a discovery I will leave you to make on your own and in your own good time!  Meanwhile, to speed up the process and have more fun along the way, why not join my Vision Walk tribe and deepen your own spiritual journey?

Why not use the Vision Walk to find your own buried treasure? Then share it online and in person with your own clients and students and watch what they unearth!?

With that, I invite you to join me on the next leg of my never-ending spiritual quest. Here’s to tapping into the treasure of your own inner wisdom . . . and to living your greatest dreams! 


Questions & Answers!

Q: Brandt, tell me again, what is the Vision Walk?

The Vision Walk is a versatile tool — a simple meditation technique you can use online or in person to help yourself and your clients get answers to pressing questions and problems in minutes by accessing your own inner wisdom.

Q: What are the benefits of the Vision Walk?
  • It allows you to answer any question or solve any problem in minutes.
  • It’s a versatile teaching tool you can use with your peeps, either online or in person.
  • It’s an experiential activity to help your clients get in touch with their authentic selves.
  • It gives you unforgettable glimpses of your own power and creativity, bringing you into harmony and balance with yourself and all life. 
  • It’s a doorway to deeper consciousness, an entryway into the ocean of love, joy and wisdom that you are.
Q: Where can you do the Vision Walk?

You can do it anywhere, anytime — during your next retreat whether it is live or virtual, at a workshop, in the comfort of your own home, in a bookstore or other shop, in a public park, at the beach, even on a busy city street or during a Zoom call. All you need is a quiet place to do the meditation, and the rest will take care of itself.

Q: Who is the Vision Walk for?

Anyone who needs to get their clients or students out of their heads and into their hearts. It can be used in person or virtually and is a PERFECT TRANSFORMATIONAL TOOL to have in your pocket for your next retreat or workshop!

Brandt – I incorporated a Vision Walk during my most recent retreat, followed up by a vision board art project.

The women loved it! Thank You!!

Judy Schneider

CEO at Healing With Horses

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