Retreat to Teotihuacan, Mexico - Wanderlust Entrepreneur

If you’re a retreat leader who’s passionate about delivering unforgettable experiences and yearning for a deeper spiritual connection, then join us for a retreat where you’ll experience the mastery of Wanderlust coaches, gaining the expertise to craft offerings that not only wow your participants but also cultivate a profound sense of self-awareness and authenticity.

Standing on the grounds of the ancient city of Teotihuacan, a profound stillness surrounds you. The air is crisp, and the sky stretches out like a canvas, adorned with wisps of clouds. Your heart begins to resonate with the gentle rhythm of the land, and a wonderful calmness washes over you.

As your feet touch the cobblestones of the Avenue of the Dead, you sense a shift in your consciousness. The very ground beneath you seems to breathe, pulsating with the spiritual essence of this place. Each step you take feels guided, as if the stones themselves are leading you deeper into the heart of Teotihuacan.

Your fingertips graze the ancient stones and the weathered walls of the ruins. The stones are cool to the touch, yet alive with the energy of countless seekers who have walked this path before. You feel a tangible connection to the past, a bridge between the material and spiritual realms.

Walking past the massive Pyramid of the Sun, it feels as though you are witnessing the eternal sunrise of an ancient civilization. The carvings and murals on the surrounding structures come to life, telling stories of gods and cosmic forces that once dwelled here.

But there’s something more — a subtle resonance deep within you. It’s as if the very earth is humming, a spiritual vibration that penetrates your being, igniting a dormant fire within you and connecting you to the unseen forces that have watched over this place for millennia.

As you reach the end of the Avenue of the Dead, arriving at the Pyramid of the Moon, you are enveloped in a profound sense of peace. You sense a new life opening up for you, a new way of being in the world.

Welcome to Teotihuacan – and this is only the beginning!

Are you ready to transform your retreats, as well as your inner self?

Deliver Retreats That Mesmerize:

Can you imagine stepping into a world where your role as a retreat leader is not just a profession, but a journey of personal and spiritual mastery?

On the sacred grounds of Teotihuacan, you’ll learn how to listen and respond to the invitation of the moment, weaving the magic and mythology of the location into your retreats and creating experiences that are both unforgettable and transformational.

Deepen Your Connection to the Divine:

How incredible would it feel to be deeply connected to your own divinity in ways you have never experienced before?

Each day and night, the spiritual power of Teo will embrace you, helping you cultivate a deeper connection to your spiritual self and tap more easily into your own divine wellspring of peace and inspiration, resulting in a powerful sense of confidence in your own abilities.

Create Harmony in the Midst of Chaos:

Wouldn’t it be great to sink into a river of energy that moves you along effortlessly in your transformation?

While we’re together, through immersing yourself in this powerful ancient site, you will be infused with an energy and drive that sparks your ability to trust your intuition and improvise in the moment, so you can confidently handle any circumstance with clarity and focus, even under pressure.

Master the Art of Presence:

How incredible would it feel to have a sense of timelessness and be connected to something larger and more enduring than oneself?

At this retreat, through the timeless reflection of Teotihuacan and its innate wisdom, you will gain a deeper understanding of human existence and your unique role in it, leading to a profound sense of presence, peace and clarity.

“One of the biggest takeaways I had was really connecting to my divinity… I felt connected to myself in a way that I had never experienced before.”

Page Rossiter

YOUR VENUE: A Portal to Magic and Transformation

Welcome to Casa de los Sueños – the Dreaming House – your enchanting home away from home! Nestled in the heart of San Sebastian adjacent to Teotihuacan, this colorful venue hums with delightful energy.

It’s not just a beautiful location; it’s an experience that transcends the ordinary. At The Dreaming House, every corner whispers tales of ancient wisdom and modern miracles.

A Home That Speaks to the Soul

As you step through the front gates, you’ll be greeted by a world where time stretches and space bends. With its uniquely decorated buildings, the Dreaming House is a tapestry of Mexico’s rich artistic heritage.

Each room, devoid of modern annoyances but equipped with modern conveniences, is a sanctuary of peace and creativity. There, you can let down completely with comfortable beds, private bathrooms adorned with stunning tilework, and handcrafted furnishings.

Immersive Learning and Spiritual Awakening

In the Teaching Salon, adorned with symbols of spiritual significance you’ll find your safe and sacred space for the week. Here, we’ll share our dreams and visions, and deepen the remembrance of our true nature.

Through experiences that blend ancient wisdom with personal discovery, the Salon becomes both a quiet sanctuary and a crucible for growth and enlightenment.

Empowering Spaces of Self-Discovery

The Dreaming House is more than an escape; it’s a journey back to your true self. Here, you can deepen your journey by wandering through the backyard labyrinth, finding serenity in the yoga room with its views of the pyramids, or enjoying a moment of reflection with a cup of Café de Olla on the terrace.

At the Dreaming House, every element is designed to bring a smile to your face, peace to your heart, and inspiration to your soul.

A Magical Place for a Magical Time

If you’ve gotten the idea that the Dreaming House is more than just a venue, you’d be right. In fact, sitting just a stone’s throw from the temples and pyramids of Teotihuacan, it’s a place between worlds, a portal to the very center of the ancient city itself. It’s a place where you deepen your connection to the divine.

Come join us at the Dreaming House!

Wow, I can’t wait!


Your home away from home has a vibrant dining oasis, where you feel like family and the air is rich with the tantalizing aromas of traditional Mexican cuisine! Each dish crafted in the open kitchen is a celebration of your senses.

Imagine the sizzle and smoky scent of carne asada grilling, its flavors rich and deep, promising a tender, melt-in-your-mouth experience. Or picture Veronica’s Mexican chicken, marinated in a symphony of herbs and spices, each bite bursting with succulent, savory goodness.

Your culinary journey will be a feast for your taste buds at the Dreaming House, where fresh, vibrant ingredients dance together in a kaleidoscope of flavors. From the tangy zest of homemade salsas to the deep, comforting embrace of rich sauces, every mouthful is a discovery, a vibrant echo of Mexican culinary traditions.

To complement your meal, indulge in a selection of traditional beverages. Choose from an assortment of aromatic teas or Mexican coffee. Or sip on a sweet, creamy horchata, a traditional Mexican drink. Or refresh with a glass of freshly squeezed juice, each day a new flavor, each flavor enhancing your meal.

Join us for this immersive culinary adventure, where every flavor is a story, every aroma an invitation to explore the heart of Mexico. Each meal is not just eating; it’s an experience, a journey of taste, aroma, and connection. Welcome to our table, where every bite is a vibrant celebration of life and Mexican culinary artistry.


And what will we be doing on this mystical journey?

Here’s a glimpse of the delights in store.

Day 1 - Oct 20th: Enchanting Beginnings

As the gates of the Dreaming House open, you’ll step into a sanctuary where dreams and reality merge. The air, infused with exotic scents and ancient melodies, will set your heart racing with anticipation.

The evening’s opening ceremony will be more than just a welcome; it will be a portal to a transformative adventure. Here, you’ll soon discover that you’re not just a participant but a cherished member of a family of like-minded souls. You’ll also discover that the Wanderlust coaches, with their deep wisdom and infectious enthusiasm, are not just guides but catalysts for your personal and spiritual growth.

By the end of the evening, the promise of transformation will linger in the air, aligning your heartbeat with the mystical rhythm of Teotihuacan, and setting the stage for the journey ahead.

Day 2 - Oct 21st: Embracing Transformation

You’ll greet the morning with Teotihuacan’s golden sunrise, heralding a day of deep personal discovery. This day will be dedicated to letting go of the old and embracing the new. The morning session will prepare you to shed what no longer serves you.

Climbing the Plaza of Quetzalcoatl, each step will resonate with the beat of ancient drums, symbolizing your release from limiting beliefs. The act of symbolically leaping into the mouth of Quetzalcoatl, the Feathered Serpent, will be a powerful declaration of your readiness to evolve.

As evening falls, you’ll join a circle of newfound friends, sharing stories and emotions, each reflecting your journey toward embracing your true potential.

Day 3 - Oct 22nd: Journey of Detachment

Today’s journey through the sacred grounds of Teotihuacan will be a step out of time, connecting you with the ancient and the eternal. Crossing the symbolic River of No Return, you’ll shed even more layers of your past, stepping into a world of new possibilities.

The Avenue of the Dead, with its mystical plazas, will guide you through an inner transformation. Reaching the Temple of the Moon, you may even experience a surreal detachment, as if floating in a dream, inviting you to embrace your newfound serenity.

The evening gathering will be a sanctuary of shared wisdom, where each insight adds to the rich tapestry of your experiences, teaching you not just about leading retreats but about infusing life with magic and wonder.

Day 4 - Oct 23rd: Deepening the Experience

Your visit to Tetitla today is a deep dive into the heart of universal truth and eternal wisdom. Here, the Temple of the Black Light will whisper secrets of the universe, guiding you toward a deeper understanding of your role as a creator – not just of transformative retreats, but of your own life experience.

Facing the majestic Temple of the Sun, you’ll connect deeply with your inner light. You’ll also have the treasure of personal reflection time, allowing you to integrate your experiences into a renewed vision for your life.

This day will be a harmonious blend of release and inspiration, deepening your transformation and leaving you with a deep sense of freedom and accomplishment.

Day 5 - Oct 24th: Rebirth and Renewal

Exploring the Place of Jaguars and the Palace of Butterflies this morning will be like a sacred dance with the divine. Each step on these ancient grounds will take you deeper into the heart of the spiritual, reconnecting you with the essence of life.

In the afternoon you’ll have the option to experience a Temazcal ceremony, an intimate ritual of purification led by a local shaman. An invitation to let go and meet life just as you are, this ceremony will cleanse your spirit and prepare you for transformative growth.

Finally, we’ll meet in the evening for a profound time of reflection and connection. This will be a day about recognizing the sacred within and your ability to create spaces for others to discover their divinity.

Day 6 - Oct 25th: Celebration of Transformation

Today, you’ll get a stunning perspective of life’s possibilities with an early-morning balloon ride over Teotihuacan. The serene beauty of the sunrise and this magical place will fill you with awe and delight!

Later, a journey to the caves for a ceremony with Alberto will connect you to our living, breathing planet. In these ancient chambers, you’ll feel like you’re in the womb of the earth, emerging reborn with a renewed love for life.

The closing ceremony will not just be a celebration of transformation and the end of a retreat; it will be a celebration of new beginnings and of the lives you will touch with your newfound wisdom and passion.

Day 7 - Oct 26th: Farewell and Forward

The final morning will be a heartfelt time of gratitude and reflection. As you prepare to leave, you’ll realize this is not an ending but a continuation of your transformative journey.

You’ll realize that the experiences, insights, and connections made here will be with you long after you leave, fueling your passion and vision for the future. This will be a time for warm goodbyes, filled with the promise of lasting bonds.

Departing Teotihuacan, you’ll carry a piece of its magic, ready to inspire and awaken the divine in others. The retreat will conclude, but your journey within will go on, enriched by the wisdom and experiences shared.

Days Beyond - Oct 27th onwards: Create & Explore

Staying extra days, you’ll have the option of either working with us or exploring on your own – or both! And during those days, no doubt you’ll be enjoying the festivities, too, as the surrounding community begins to celebrate the Day of the Dead, which traditionally falls on November 1 and 2.

You may also want to schedule a private VIP session during your extra days. During that time, we can begin to manifest your retreat dreams and visions and deepen your Teo experience in ways that are uniquely tailored to your wants and needs.

I hear Teo calling my name.

Now let’s look at some more lasting benefits!

Can you imagine how empowered you’d feel leading retreats with a strong sense of self-worth and capability?

On this retreat, through experiencing a transformational retreat firsthand and then tying it all together in our post-retreat sessions, you will emerge with a newfound sense of confidence, fully equipped to lead retreats that make a difference in people’s lives.

How rewarding would it feel to host retreats that consistently earn glowing testimonials from your clients?

During our time together, with our focus on creating unique and immersive experiences, you will learn to design retreats that stand out for their distinctiveness and quality, so you can deliver mind-blowing trips that leave a lasting impact.

Wouldn’t it feel inspiring to immerse yourself in a place built specifically to support the awakening of humanity?

While we’re in Teotihuacan, while engaging with the magic of this powerful place, you will gain profound insights into your soul’s purpose, enabling you to live a life aligned with your deepest aspirations.

How exciting would it be to see your retreats unfold smoothly, free from the frustration of unexpected hiccups and deviations?

During the retreat, as the Wanderlust coaches model how to respond to the unexpected, you’ll learn how to navigate changing circumstances, liberating you from the frustration of unforeseen challenges and deviations.

Wouldn’t it feel liberating to trust in divine timing and your own intuition?

Throughout this journey of transformation, Teo will show you the mirror of self-awareness, teaching you to see that everything you need is always available, so that you can more consistently trust your intuition and respond to the needs of the moment.

In Teotihuacan, your journey as a retreat leader will become an exciting new path of self-discovery and empowerment. We hope you can see by now that this is not just a retreat; it’s a gateway to a new dimension of leading and living!

Are you ready for this magical experience?

“It was everything I could hope for and much, much more. This retreat was truly transformational — earthshatteringly transformational!”

Elaine Rodriguez

Yes, bring on the Magic!


  • Get to know your fellow travelers in our private retreat Facebook group. Receive up-to-date trip info, get tips on how to prepare and make the most of our time together.
  • Build a deeper connection with everyone on two pre-trip Zoom calls. Get directions on how to set your intent and begin the process of the retreat before we leave. Find out how to make best use of your time in this place of power.
  • Ease your re-entry home, maintaining your momentum and transformation with one post-trip group call. Avoid getting pulled back into old habit patterns, integrate your new learnings and experiences, and solidify the expression of your authentic self.
  • Turn your embodied wisdom into practical applied knowledge. Integrate your experience via our two post retreat calls where the Wanderlust retreat leaders will break down and discuss how the retreat was structured, guided and adapted to meet the needs of the moment. We will also answer questions on how to integrate lessons learned into your own transformational retreats.


Your Gateway to Transformation and Spiritual Reawakening

Teotihuacan is more than just a destination; it’s “the place where humans awaken to their divinity” – a powerful expression of the living earth and generations of masters, both ancient and modern, who aligned themselves with its transformative message. It’s a place that was designed to speak directly to your soul. It’s where you, as a retreat leader, can not only deepen your own spiritual journey but experience firsthand how to guide others in their own awakening. Join us and let the ancient wisdom of Teotihuacan lead you toward profound personal and spiritual growth!

Learn More

🌟 Discover Teotihuacan: A Journey Within 🌟

As you step into Teotihuacan, you feel enveloped by ancient wisdom. Amidst its majestic pyramids and temples, you’re not just a visitor; you’re a seeker tapping into a living portal of transformative energy. This sacred ground vibrates with the echoes of enlightened ancients, ready to resonate with your soul.

💫 Connect with Your Own Divinity 💫

Every stone in Teotihuacan whispers of the divine, inviting you to deepen your spiritual connection. Walking these ancient paths, you’re retracing the steps of masters, aligning with your own divinity. It’s a transformative experience, crucial for you as a retreat leader, to forge a deeper bond with your spiritual essence.

🌐 Your Classroom of Ancient Wisdom 🌐

Teotihuacan is more than a site; it’s also your spiritual classroom. Here, history and spirituality blend, offering profound lessons in spiritual awakening and personal growth. Guided by us Wanderlust coaches, you’ll learn to create soul-touching experiences, grounded in the city’s rich spiritual heritage.

🔥 Heal and Grow 🔥

Teotihuacan’s transformative power is personal. In this sacred place, you’ll move through what’s holding you back, often with a grace that feels magical. Teotihuacan’s energy will empower you to renew your confidence and purpose, fueling your journey as a confident, transformative retreat leader.


Unleashing Your True Potential as a Retreat Leader

Embracing personal transformation is critical for becoming a leader who can inspire, guide, and empower others. Your transformational journey equips you with the tools, insights, and confidence you need to lead successful retreats and make a powerful impact on your life and the lives of those you guide. By embracing your transformative path, you step into a role of deeper and more effective leadership, creating experiences that not only change lives but also shape your legacy as a retreat leader.

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🌟 Unlocking Your Leadership Potential 🌟

Your personal transformation directly translates into enhanced awareness, empowering you to lead with confidence and vision. It allows you to evolve beyond your current self, embracing new perspectives and leading with a renewed sense of purpose.

💫 Cultivating Resilience and Adaptability 💫

In leadership’s ever-changing landscape, it’s vital to be resilient and adaptable. Personal transformation helps you navigate challenges, fosters a growth mindset, and prepares you to handle uncertainties with confidence.

🔥 Deepening Self-Awareness and Mindfulness 🔥

At the core of transformation lies heightened self-awareness, which is crucial for any growth. This deeper knowing enhances your ability to connect with others, make mindful decisions, and lead with empathy and insight. In doing so, it also creates stronger relationships.

🌐 Enhancing Emotional Intelligence and Communication 🌐

Transformation fosters emotional intelligence, which is vital for any leader. It allows for understanding and managing emotions, influencing others, and building trust. This enhances the effectiveness of your retreats and your ability to connect deeply with your participants.

✨ Aligning with Your Authentic Purpose ✨

Personal transformation brings you closer to your authentic purpose, aligning your values with your professional goals. It’s about leading from authenticity and passion, creating retreats that deeply resonate with your participants.


A Living Example of Transformational Leadership

With us, you’ll be embarking on a journey guided by experts who are deeply connected to the sacred energies of Teotihuacan. Day by day, moment by moment, you’ll experience a living example of how to lead a transformational retreat. Our wisdom and guidance, combined with our daily demonstration of the Wanderlust Blueprint in action, will instill in you the skills you need to lead your own successful retreats. Join us to experience this unique blend of wisdom, adaptability, transformative guidance, and community building.

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🌟 Masters of Adaptive Facilitation and Deep Connection  

Imagine being guided by custodians of ancient wisdom, deeply connected with the spiritual essence of Teotihuacan. Our extensive training and personal journeys enable us to seamlessly weave ancient wisdom into your journey, offering unique insights and transformations tailored to resonate with your soul.

💫 Empowering Your Personal Growth and Leadership 💫

Observing us in action provides a profound understanding of how to lead impactful retreats with confidence and authenticity. Our expertise in navigating personal challenges is a live demonstration of effective leadership, empowering you to embrace your own skills.

🔥 Harmonizing Your Retreat with Teotihuacan’s Energy 🔥

We also expertly align the retreat with the ancient wisdom and vibrant energy of this sacred land, creating a deeply impactful and unique journey so that you, too, understand how to make the location play a vital role in your retreats.

Trusting the Flow Within a Structured Framework  ✨

Another pivotal part of your experience with us is the balance between a structured framework and trusting the natural flow of the retreat. We give you a living example of this balance, demonstrating how spontaneous insights and transformations can occur simultaneously.

🌐 Hands-On Experience With the Wanderlust Blueprint 🌐

Finally, you will be immersed in the practical application of the Blueprint Program, gaining firsthand experience in its implementation. This is your unique opportunity to learn from the best, absorbing the nuances of successful retreat planning and execution.

Bring on something new!

What’s Included:

  • A marvelous home-like environment for six nights (double occupancy), where you feel like part of the family, on private and secluded grounds in an authentic village setting.
  • Homemade traditional Mexican meals made fresh daily – six scrumptious breakfasts, five luscious lunches, and six delectable dinners served at The Dreaming House – plus tea, coffee and bottled water at any time of the day.
  • Magical, guided experiences and teachings for five full days by the pyramids and ceremonial chambers on ancient sacred sites.
  • Daily alchemical gatherings and classes and lots of deep conversation all week!
  • Powerful ceremonies at sacred caves few tourists ever visit, deepening your profound inner journey.
  • All entrance fees to the pyramid complex and other included activities.
  • Group Transportation to and from the airport at designated times, arriving on October 20th and departing on October 26th.

What’s Not Included:

  • Your round-trip airfare from home.
  • Personal, medical or trip cancellation insurance (highly recommended!)
  • Personal taxi transport to the airport outside of scheduled group transport.
  • Between-meal snacks and alcoholic beverages.
  • Meals and beverages at restaurants other than the Dreaming House.
  • Tips and gratuities.
  • Taxi transport and entrance fees for any private, individual trips.
  • Souvenirs, phone calls, spa services, taxis, laundry, etc.

What You’ll Take Home:

  • A treasure trove of strategies to craft your dream retreats seamlessly.
  • Knowing how to be intensely present so you can respond to the needs of the moment.
  • A more direct connection to your ocean of inner wisdom and guidance.
  • The skillset to create retreats so unique that price and competition are irrelevant.
  • Increased clarity and confidence in showcasing your uniqueness.
  • An expanded capacity to see and move through doubts and limitations.
  • Greater ability to run successful retreats that wow your participants.
  • Deep connections with a dedicated group of heart-based entrepreneurs.
  • Incredible memories (and pictures!) of your Teo adventures and new friends.

Incredible value!

This Journey is Uniquely Crafted for You if…

  • You want to create retreats that leave your participants in awe.
  • You yearn to deepen your connection to your divinity.
  • You’re eager to absorb the wisdom and experience of Wanderlust coaches.
  • You’re ready to transform your life and the lives of your participants.
  • You feel a calling to Teotihuacan, to deepen your path and purpose.
  • You’re open to embracing new perspectives and different points of view.
  • You’re excited about leading retreats that resonate deeply with your clients.
  • You’re eager to learn from the best, so you can execute your dream retreats seamlessly.
  • You want to gain the confidence and tools you need to deliver truly impactful retreats.

This Journey is Probably Not for You if…

  • You resist adventures and don’t like getting a little dusty-dirty.
  • You can’t handle altitudes around 7,500 feet (2,300 meters).
  • You don’t do well outside in the sun for several hours.
  • You have trouble walking or climbing up and down flights of stairs.

This journey to Teotihuacan is more than just a retreat; it’s an invitation to step into a deep realm of transformation, learning, and spiritual connection.


Meet your Wanderlust team, who each will take on an important role in your transformational journey to Teotihuacan. Full bio available for each member.

Eva Charlotte

The Swedish Mindset Magician and Teotihuacan’s Reflection

Read Bio
Hello, I’m Eva Charlotte, your guide and companion on this transformative journey in Teotihuacan. Often referred to as a Swedish Mindset Magician, my life took an extraordinary turn when destiny led me to Teotihuacan, where I met my mentor, don Miguel Ruiz. It was here, amidst the ancient stones and timeless wisdom, that my true apprenticeship began.

Embracing the Unexpected: My Journey with Don Miguel Ruiz

My encounter with Miguel was more than serendipity; it was a calling. His words, “I’ve been waiting for you. You are now my apprentice,” marked the beginning of an incredible journey of self-discovery and transformation. Under his guidance, my understanding of life was turned upside down, teaching me the art of acceptance and the power of surrendering to the unknown.

A Mirror of Personal Awareness and Transformation

In Teotihuacan, I learned that life reflects what we are, not what we want. My apprenticeship with Miguel was a journey through the reflections of our shared life. He mirrored my inner world, revealing hidden emotions, behaviors, and fears, guiding me towards personal awareness – the key to all transformation. This journey reshaped the essence of Eva, leading to a profound transformation in both my personal and professional life.

Teotihuacan: My Second Home and Catalyst for Awakening

Teotihuacan became my second home, a place of awakening and clarity. Just like Miguel, Teotihuacan served as a clear mirror, revealing the truth behind the stories we tell ourselves. The wisdom held in its stones guided me into the depths of my being, helping me transcend fears and limitations, and embrace a profound love for myself and all life.

Invitation to Transformation: Join Me in Teotihuacan

Now, I extend this invitation to you. Join me in Teotihuacan, where we will embark on a journey of self-discovery and awakening. There is nothing more fulfilling to me than witnessing the light of realization in your eyes as you awaken to your own divinity. Let’s explore the depths of our souls together, guided by the timeless wisdom of Teotihuacan.

Are you ready to look into the clear mirror of Teotihuacan? Let’s awaken to our divinity together.  – Eva Charlotte


The Seeker Turned Guide in the Heart of Teotihuacan

Read Bio
Hello, I’m Leo, a guide and mentor on your transformative journey in Teotihuacan. My own path began in the quest for answers, in the midst of feeling stuck and lost despite the outward appearance of success. It was in the ancient embrace of Teotihuacan, under the tutelage of don Miguel Ruiz, that my life found a new direction and purpose.

The Turning Point: My First Encounter with Teotihuacan

My journey took a pivotal turn during my first retreat with don Miguel in Teotihuacan. The teachings were enlightening, but it was the energy of Teo’s ancient ruins that sparked a profound transformation within me. By the third day, an unexpected bliss enveloped me, silencing my mind and revealing a state of peace I had long forgotten was possible. This experience was not just an answer to my questions; it was a revelation of my true self.

A Journey of Self-Discovery and Teaching

That initial retreat marked the beginning of my training as a Toltec mentor and set me on a path of deep self-discovery. Since then, I have returned to Teotihuacan many times, leading retreats and sharing the powerful tools of self-awareness that transformed my life. Teotihuacan is not just a place for me; it’s a partner in facilitating profound inner transformations for others.

Teotihuacan: The Mirror of Clarity and Peace
Teotihuacan taught me that the answers we seek are within us. In its ancient corridors, I learned to look beyond fear and chatter, to see myself and the world with newfound clarity. This sacred site has been a crucible for my growth, teaching me to find and share the inner peace and clarity that once seemed elusive.

Invitation to Transformation: Join Me in Teotihuacan

Now, I invite you to join me in this magical place. Whether you’re seeking answers, peace, or a deeper understanding of yourself, Teotihuacan offers a clear mirror to look into your soul. There’s nothing more fulfilling for me than to witness the awakening of your own divinity, the moment when the light of realization dawns in your eyes. Let’s embark on this journey together, discovering the transformative power of Teotihuacan.

Are you ready to discover your inner peace and clarity in Teotihuacan? I’m here to guide you on this transformative journey.  – Leo

Brandt Morgan

Truth and Wisdom Lover of Teotihuacan

Read Bio

Hello, I’m Brandt Morgan, head coach at the Wanderlust Entrepreneur. My first encounter with Teotihuacan was guided by simple yet profound advice from my mentor, don Miguel Ruiz: “Just be oh-so-happy!” This advice, initially baffling, led me to a transformative experience in Teotihuacan, where I shed my outworn beliefs and discovered the joyful, radiant essence at the heart of my being.

Embracing Transformation: My Journey in Teotihuacan

Since then, my journey in Teotihuacan has been a continuous process of rebirth and discovery. Through numerous trips over the years, each with my own groups, I have deepened my connection to this sacred land and its transformative power. As a Toltec mentor, I’ve guided countless others through Teo’s magical portals, witnessing their own metamorphosis into their authentic selves.

The Magic of Teo and Your True Self

Teotihuacan is a place of endless magic and wonder. Its timeless energy and unexpected lessons keep drawing me back, eager to share its gifts with others. After all my time in Teo, though, I’ll tell you this: Forget all you’ve read about it. Forget how you think it will be. Drop all your expectations and come empty handed. Empty and innocent and open. Do this, and Teo will reveal your true self, and you will be given all you need to make your life a joyful journey.

Join Me for a Priceless Journey of Self-Discovery

Join me in this journey of self-discovery and transformation. Together, let’s unlock the secrets of this ancient city and take your life and business to new heights. The magic and wonder awaiting us there are amazing, and I’m eager for the chance to share it all with you.

Are you ready to discover the transformative power of Teotihuacan? Join us on this enlightening journey!  – Brandt Morgan


The Voice of Ancient Wisdom

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I Am Teotihuacan, Cradle of Mysticism and Transformation

Greetings, seekers of wisdom and transformation. I am Teotihuacan, a living testament to the mysteries of the past and a beacon for those on a spiritual quest. For centuries, I have stood as a silent witness to the ebb and flow of time, embracing all who walk my sacred paths in search of enlightenment and inner peace.

My Stones Whisper Ancient Secrets

My existence is a tapestry woven with the threads of history and spirituality. Each of my pyramids, each of my temples, is imbued with stories and energies that transcend the ages. As you wander through my grounds, listen closely, for my stones whisper ancient secrets.

I Am a Guide, a Teacher and a Mirror

In the grand theater of spiritual awakening, I play many roles. I am your guide, leading you through the labyrinth of your own consciousness. I am your teacher, imparting lessons of resilience and courage. Most importantly, I am a mirror, reflecting the depths of your soul.

My Energy Ignites Transformation

My energy is both a challenge and a balm. It ignites the fire of transformation, burning away the dross of the past and kindling the light of new understanding. In my presence, you will confront your shadows and embrace your light, embarking on a journey of self-discovery and renewal.

Join Me in a Dance of Awakening

As you step into my embrace, you join a dance that is as ancient as time itself. It is a dance of awakening, of shedding old skins and opening to new possibilities. With each step, you will feel more connected to the pulse of the universe, more attuned to the rhythm of your own spirit.

I Am Teotihuacan, Your Partner on This Sacred Journey

I am Teotihuacan, more than just a place; I am a journey, a transformation, a revelation. I invite you to walk my ancient paths, to explore my mysteries, and to discover the boundless potential that lies within you. Together, let us embark on a sacred journey of the soul.

Embrace the Journey, Embrace Your Transformation  – Teotihuacan

I’m convinced!


Is this retreat for me?

YES – especially if you’re a heart-based entrepreneur who aims to live in generosity, service, and authenticity!

This retreat will give you all the experience, knowledge and confidence you need to create and lead stellar retreats and also take you on your own journey of personal transformation.

In other words, this journey has been designed specifically for YOU!

Do I have to be a retreat leader to join?
NO. This retreat is first and foremost a personal journey of transformation, while simultaneously experiencing how a retreat is masterfully created and executed.

There’s much to learn regardless of what your offering in the world is.

What if I cannot afford this?

This is not just a vacation in a pretty place. It is an investment in YOU. A more appropriate question would be, how can you afford NOT to do this?

The training alone is worth the price of this retreat. It is geared not only toward supporting you and your life but also supporting your business. And dare we say, this expense is deductible?

Also please know that payment plans are available, and we’ll do our best to accommodate your needs.

How can I take time for this?

We understand – being an entrepreneur, whether full-time or part-time, can be exhausting!

You’re already doing and giving so much! But being burned out is exactly why you need to take time out and fill yourself up. This is an opportunity to interrupt the norm, restore and replenish your mind and soul, and be much more your work.

The inner stillness you find in Teotihuacan will guide and support you as you return to your business.

What is the itinerary?

We always provide a general overview of the program, leaving the details to be decided and experienced as the journey unfolds. Your trip leaders teach from life Itself, as it guides them, and that is always happening in the moment!

Depending on the group’s energy, the itinerary may shift in any direction. Please trust that magic will happen and that we have a wonderful journey planned for you. We look forward to a most exciting adventure together!

As a general overview, we will gather for teaching sessions twice a day. During the day, the training happens while exploring the ancient ruins in the area. Most meals will be at the Dreaming House. There will also be some excursions and extracurricular activities and festivities.

I need a roommate – how do I arrange that?

If you would like to be matched with a roommate, please let us know, and we’ll do our best to pair you with someone else who is also seeking a roommate. Then you’ll have a chance to meet and get to know your fellow travelers during our pre-trip online gatherings.

In case there is no one to pair you with, your room will be considered a single, and an additional single occupancy supplement will be added to your retreat fee.

Can I bring my kids/partner?

No, this journey is for you and your business, and we want you to come on your own.

The retreat is an amazing experience, yes, but it’s also a deep inner journey with an invitation for profound transformation. The more focused and present you can be, the more you will get out of this opportunity.

Once the retreat is over, your family is welcome, and you can stay on for some extra days together. Please let us know, and we’ll be more than happy to support you with this.

I’m concerned about traveling with people I don’t know.

Your personal journey actually starts as soon as you register, and you’ll get to know everyone through the private Facebook group. There, you will have plenty of time to connect with others, start building relationships, and share dreams and excitement about the upcoming trip!

On top of that, there will be two in-person meet-and-greet sessions via Zoom to allow you time to break the ice and meet the ones who will be joining you.

The group and the venue are intimate, and the space is private. Rest assured, this is a safe space for you to be YOU.

Do I have to participate in everything?

Of course not! You are always in control of your own choices and master of your own journey.

That being said, every aspect of this journey has been selected and arranged with a greater purpose and mission in mind. It is intended to assist you in the transformation you desire, and you won’t want to miss even a step along the way.

Where do I fly into?

Book your flight into the Benito Juárez International Airport in Mexico City (MEX), arriving no later than Sunday, October 20th before 3:00 pm and departing no earlier than October 26th, 2024 after 3:00 pm.

As long as you arrive on time, once you’ve cleared customs and officially stepped onto Mexican ground, you’ll be greeted by someone from our team. From there on, you’ll be taken care of throughout your visit.

If you’re adventurous and have some time, Mexico City and the surrounding area are well worth a few days’ visit. We’ll be happy to offer suggestions for your added enjoyment.

Can you accommodate dietary restrictions?

Yes, we’re happy to!

Please let us know your needs at least two weeks before the retreat, and we’ll take care of you. If what you need is not available in San Sebastian, we will let you know, and together we’ll work on finding a solution.

Please clearly state any allergies and intolerances you have, along with your dietary preferences. If the list of things you can’t eat is long, we may ask you for a list of things you can eat instead.

Is it safe to travel to Teotihuacan, Mexico?

Yes, Teotihuacan is very safe. That being said, we’ll also give you some common-sense guidelines to follow, just as you would traveling anywhere else in the world.

As long as your flights are within our recommended times, you’ll be taken care of from the moment you pass through immigration.

Our pre-trip documentation will give you all the information you need – such as bringing a refillable water bottle for filtered water, using a waist pack, and leaving your valuables at home.

Do I need travel insurance?

Yes, we always highly recommend travel insurance that includes trip cancellation and medical coverage. Be sure to read the fine print, as policies can differ greatly.

While you’re at it, be sure to confirm with your travel insurance provider what Covid-19-related issues are covered and to what extent.

What is the weather like?

The climate is considered high desert, so it’s moderate and dry with considerable rainfall in the rainy season. It can be hot during the day and chilly at night.

In October, the average temperature is high 72°F (22°C) and low 52°F (11°C), so you can expect very pleasant temperatures during the day, but be sure to bring something warm for the evenings.

On most days, it will probably rain in the afternoon, and when it rains it pours. As much as possible, we time our daily activities to stay out of the rain, but make sure to bring proper attire just in case. Simple rain ponchos are available for purchase at the ruins.

What do I pack?

When you start packing for this incredible adventure, plan for comfortable, casual and laid back. You will not need anything dressy, so leave those beautiful stilettos and stylish tuxedos at home.

Think layers as you plan what to bring. Mornings and evenings can be cool, while the days can easily heat up to feel like summer. Dressing in layers is also a good way to protect yourself from the sun when you’re at the pyramids.

Since there’s a good chance of some rain, you might want to include something moderately warm, like a sweater, that could be topped off with a raincoat and sturdy, water-repellent walking shoes.

Once you decide to join us, we will provide a more detailed list of what to bring and what not to bring.

Can I stay longer?

By all means, enjoy this beautiful, sacred land for as long as you want!

The retreat is officially over at 11 am Mexico time on October 26th, but there are all kinds of options and possibilities at your fingertips. It is also the time of the Day of the Dead.

If you are looking to extend your stay on either end of your trip, we are happy to offer recommendations.

Will I have access to the Internet?

Yes, you will be able to stay connected with your loved ones. Wifi is available almost everywhere at the Dreaming House, and you’ll find the strongest signal in public areas like the dining room.

That being said, the more you can disconnect from your life back home, the better the impact of this alchemical experience, so please plan to be “off the grid” as much as possible.

How can I offset the impact of my traveling by plane?

You can purchase “carbon offsets” for your trip to neutralize your carbon footprint. We’ll provide information once you have decided to join us.

What about COVID-19?

Your safety and well-being are very important to us! We will adhere to all COVID-19 travel requirements at the time of travel and will keep you informed of any updates.

At the time of this writing (November 2023), there are no requirements for vaccination or masks on this retreat, but you’re always welcome to wear a mask if you like. We will be providing N-95 masks and will also have some rapid Covid tests on hand if needed. 

If you’re concerned about rooming with someone who has made a different vaccination choice than you, please let us know your needs in the pre-event forms and we’ll do our best to accommodate you.

The Dreaming House routinely complies with any new health and sanitary requirements. Please inquire for specifics if you’d like to know more. Also keep in mind that we don’t give refunds if you have to cancel, which makes it all the more important that your travel insurance includes Covid-related cancellations.


What if I have a question?

Contact us directly at

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