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How do You Plan a Successful Retreat?

Planning a retreat is one thing.  Planning a successful retreat?  That is a whole other thing.  Even the best planners can be rocked by the retreat blues when their transformational offering doesn’t turn the profit they had anticipated.  Equally as bad, if something...

How do You Prepare for a Retreat?

You have a date, venue & your people.  An incredible theme.  Activities that will deliver major transformation.  You’ve dedicated loads of time and a good chunk of money to bring your vision to life. A sense of excitement is rolling in as you begin to relish the...

Digital Nomad or Wanderlust Entrepreneur?

This is a subject I’ve been giving a lot of thought to since my recent trip abroad. In case you need to be brought up to date – I just spent two months in Europe and Morocco working and exploring and doing quite a bit of market research. And every year I do my best to...

How do You Organize a Retreat?

A group of people eager to travel with you.  One picture-perfect destination.  A list of jaw-dropping activities.  These are all vital elements to organizing a retreat.  Are you left scratching your head wondering how to put them all together?  Organizing a retreat is...

How to Make Money Doing a Retreat

What’s the best thing about leading a transformational destination retreat?  Seeing the incredible transformation of your retreat participants, of course.What’s the next best thing about leading a transformational destination retreat?  Making money running your...

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