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The Website Inspection Review

Feeling frustrated about your website – maybe even website shame?

No worries! We got you!

If you want your purpose-driven business or destination retreat to take off and soar – then this pre-flight “inspection” is one you’ll be head-over-heels happy to receive, if you’re…

  • Flummoxed at how to clearly explain your fabulous self, mad talents, and how you transform lives
  • Website feels dated & weary with copy that makes you yawn
  • Perplexed over you have the right freebie and auto-responder
  • Baffled at how to grow your list of happy-to-pay clients.

There’s nothing more energy-draining than not knowing where to start, what to tackle first, and how to figure our all the technology you need to have a profitable online business that includes transformational destination retreats!

Breathe deep. We’ve arrived.

We’ll go over your website with our eagle eyes, whip up a detailed “Inspection Report,” and recommend an action plan so you can finally have a business and website that bursts with personality, attracts your peeps, and brings in good money. And of course has you traveling around the world!


HOW: Set aside 30 minutes for Melanie Scott to sing your praises and point out what needs tweaking via Zoom or phone.

Then your detailed “Inspection Report” will summarize exactly where to focus your precious time + energy so you are no longer stuck or wondering what to do.

Wanderlust Business Coaching

You’re a coach, healer or teacher with a desire to help others and a serious case of wanderlust.  When you picture taking your peeps on a transformational destination retreat to an ahh-mazing location (and making $$$ while doing it), you’re eyes glisten as you grin from ear-to-ear.

But when you think about email funnels, freebies, list-building, and marketing your biz, your palms sweat and you feel a headache coming on.  It seems like too much!  You can’t quite figure out all the tech (ugh!) and don’t know how to reach your people.  The thriving online business you crave eludes you.

Until now.

If you’re ready to banish your business woes and say yes to a clear path to success, you’re so in the right place.  Together, we can have you breathing easy as we:

  • Say buh-bye to your confusion and say yes to a step-by-step plan to create the thriving online business you’ve been craving
  • Hone in on the most pressing problems your peeps are plagued by so you can solve them with swoon-worthy offerings and irresistible programs
  • Narrow your niche to ensure you’re positioned as an expert with a brand that sparkles
  • Amp up your website so it’s dripping with copy that sizzles and sells (no boiled chicken here!)
  • Map out your year of majorly motivating and life-altering retreats, programs and offerings
  • Craft a fabulous freebie that showcases your brand and offers your peeps a slice of your brilliance
  • Identify and implement a list-building strategy with awesome autoresponders that starts jamming your inbox with new names (yippee!)

Just imagine having a retreat expert and coach guiding you through every twist and turn of setting up your new business so you can stop second guessing yourself and see results.

Let Melanie Scott serve up an incredible combination of retreat experience and business savvy to empower you to make a satisfying income and shine online!  She knows what it takes to make your business (and retreat) dreams come true!

Let's talk more!

YOUR INVESTMENT: $1250 per month for 4 months or snag our super $500 discount when you pay in full for only $4500!

HOW: Jump-start your business’ success with approximately 10 hours of a combination of 1:1 coaching, copy editing and detailed reviews with Melanie Scott.

BONUS:  Free access to our comprehensive Launch + Uplevel Your Retreat-Ready Business Online Training ($497 value).

Chat with Melanie!

Your Marketing Passport

Do all the seemingly endless options for marketing your business or retreat – social media, podcasts, guest blogging, giveaways, make your head spin?

Perplexed on how to build your list?

Cranky because your retreat isn’t filling?

If you have laid a strong foundation for your business and have a perfect retreat planned, but need to find THE most awesome tribe to fill your programs and retreat, then we have your back. We can:

  • Weasel out weak or missing components of your website that have you losing potential clients
  • Make your ongoing list-building tasks manageable – and systematic, so you can focus on your gift of teaching, healing or coaching
  • Design a tempting freebie, followed by eye-catching auto-responders and marketing funnels that ensure your clients fall in love with you and your offerings
  • Lay out your yearlong promotional plan, making sure that your actions make sense for you and your business (who has time to waste these days?)
  • Break down step-by-step how to create Facebook ads, webinars, email marketing campaigns, podcast interviews.

Have no fear, we’re masters at marketing! We’ll weed through your options, find the best fit, then teach you how to promote yourself in a way that doesn’t feel overwhelming, inauthentic or icky!

Yes, Bring on More Business!

YOUR INVESTMENT: Serious inquiries only.

HOW: Breathe deep with an initial 5 hour deep-dive VIP day with Sheri Rosenthal followed by a combination of 1:1 coaching and editing to make sure the marketing plan we designed in person is implemented. (Approximately 10 hours of total assistance time.)

Email To Book an Appointment


Our Creative Affiliates

The Copy SOS

Don’t feel like you’re a good writer that knows how to woo your audience? Let us dazzle you with:

  • Copy that pops off the page for your retreat ads, bio, services, programs
  • Client-centric text that speaks to your tribe in language they’ll love
  • Clear, juicy benefits on why your peeps should work with you.

Yep, that’s the magic of having our highly professional Wordcrafter Extraordinaire, a.k.a. our talented copywriters Eva Charlotte or our amazing Melanie Scott banish any writer’s block and zap your struggle to touch your clients’ heart, mind and soul.

Since each job is so unique and different, Eva Charlotte and Melanie always ask to see what you’ve done before giving you a quote. Logically, jobs requiring less work will cost less to do. That being said, here’s a sampling of their services with an approximate range of prices for each. Contact Eva Charlotte or Melanie to discuss the details of your specific job:

  • Revise, refresh and warm up your tired, distant-sounding bio                             $300-$600
  • Polish your business website’s home page to a fine shine                                  $500-$1000
  • Upgrade your freebie ebook so it’s irresistible & impeccably edited                     $750-$1500
  • Shoot over a draft and receive a sparkling retreat webpage in return                $1250-$2400
  • Collaborate on 4 custom-crafted pages on your business website                     $2000-$2500

Melanie and Eva Charlotte will serve up the perfect words to soothe your people’s problems, make your copy sing, and have your clients racing to say “yes!” to working with you!

I Want to Email Eva Charlotte and Melanie!

YOUR INVESTMENT: Whether you need some fresh, lively, delicious copy for your website, retreat page, bio or freebie, Eva Charlotte and Melanie Scott have the perfect package tied with a bow for you.

HOW: Your copy will be good enough to eat after after coaching and editing with Melanie and Eva Charlotte. Ready to talk details?

Your Stunning New Website!

Oh yes, a profitable online business that transforms lives and enables you to travel the world needs a stunning website that collects email and makes you money!

Does your business website makes you cringe because it’s so out-of-date?
Your retreat page doesn’t quite make your clients drool?

If you are already clear on what you do, who you serve and what you offer – but know your website needs some serious love (or you don’t have one at all!) and you’re not sure how to…

  • Create a modern look and fresh, appealing website design
  • Drop in your vibrant copy and stunning photos
  • Entice your audience to hand over their email in exchange for a much-needed freebie
  • Select the right responsive template with an opt-in form and a call to action (it’s okay if the tech talk makes your mind go fuzzy!)

We’d be happy to issue you a visa to enter tech-land stress free as you navigate the maze of website development. Theresa Kibler, our webmistress, can:

  • Whip up a Divi-themed WordPress Retreat Website
  • Revamp your entire Business Website
  • Enhance your Search Engine Visibility with solid SEO Techniques
  • Protect your website with the security it needs
  • Troubleshoot & solve website problems
  • Maintain your existing website for no more tech headaches
  • Create a professional email marketing campaign branded to match your website

Juicy Details!

YOUR INVESTMENT: Theresa Kibler offers a variety of website development plans. Feel confident that your website is completely secure, professionally built and extremely effective! Retreat Web Packs are available for content management enthusiasts, from only $298. You pick the plan that fits your budget and skills.

HOW: Get started by completing a website development survey. You will receive a personalized custom quote within 24 hours!

Retreat Sales Pages

Act Now & Save 30% !

Retreat Web Packs are the perfect option for getting your modern, effective website online quickly! Feel confident that your website will not only look great, but will be completely tablet and mobile friendly.

There are FIVE beautiful templates to choose from and FOUR installation options to fit your needs and budget.

Want to fill your retreat?

Keep your marketing "on task" with our nifty Promo Calendar - the exact tool we use to manage all our marketing for the year!

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