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The Success Alignment
Your Ideal Client & Marketing
Your Marketing Passport
The Copy SOS
Website Inspection Review
Brandt’s Vision Walk
Website Services & Support

The Success Alignment

Maybe you’re a (budding) retreat enthusiast, ready to soar your retreat business, OR ready to take your biz to the next level – but, somehow, it’s just not coming together. Ugggghhh….

  • You have the vision and amazing ideas.
  • You’re doing all the work, putting in endless hours.
  • You’re passionate and excited to host life-changing retreats.

… and yet,

  • You just can’t seem to get the structure and flow truly functional.
  • You keep running into inner resistance, mind blocks and utter confusion.
  • You put yourself and your retreats out there, but there’s little or no response and sign-ups.

Wouldn’t it be amazing to get clarity on why you’re struggling to fill your retreats, take your business to the next level, or simply work through our program processes?

Imagine the relief of understanding where the true stumbling blocks lie, what’s actually holding you back… whether it’s within the business structure, marketing strategy, and language, and/or your own mindset!

If you’re ready to finally have both the clarity and solutions so you can break out of any limitations and expand into empowerment and prosperity, then it’s time for you to join me for a Success Alignment.

During your Success Alignment, through deep introspective reflections and reviews (in all aspects – business, marketing and mindset) – you’ll dive into your core issues and gain the tools to resolve them so you can move forward with greater alignment, leading to the success you desire… and beyond.

When you’re aligned with the essence of your being, to Source / Universe / God, you’re in constant effortless receptivity.

I’m ready Eva Charlotte!

YOUR INVESTMENT: $1250 per month for 4 months or snag our super $500 discount when you pay in full for only $4500!

HOW: Dive into those hidden aspects that are stopping you from achieving the success you deserve with approximately 10 hours of 1:1 coaching with Eva Charlotte Larsson Ruiz.

**This package can also be done as a one-on-one RETREAT over a period of 2 or 3 days. If you prefer this format – let me know when you book your call so I can give you the details.

Your Ideal Client & Marketing Language

Are you an entrepreneur who needs help to develop and define their Ideal Client Avatar?

Have you struggled with being able to clearly nail down exactly who your ideal client is and how to communicate effectively to them in all of your marketing material?

Are you at loss to know what content to focus on in your emails, social media posts and sales material that will have the most success in generating sales leads and purchases? 

When a business speaks their customers’ language, knows exactly what problems they have, and how those problems can be solved the customer feels like that business gets them! They can clearly see that they’re in the right place and that their concerns are going to be addressed. And when this happens the “know, like, and trust” factor goes through the roof.

This is why YOU need to know not only who your avatar is, but also what their problems are, and how you can solve them. Not vaguely. Not sort of. But absolutely and thoroughly. If you have this clarity, all your marketing will change for the better and you’ll make more sales.

When you know who your Ideal client avatar is you can write copy that speaks directly to them in the most effective, impactful way that shows the value of your services to solve their problems.

Wouldn’t it be empowering to:

  • Work together one on one with a coach to clearly define what you do for your clients and how you help them reach their goals.
  • Be helped one on one to develop the exact specific language to clearly communicate to your ideal client the results that you can help them achieve and clearly show the value of your services.
  • Have clear specific powerful pain points and benefits that you can readily use in all of your marketing material.
  • Be confident that you will be able to deliver the right message for your business to your ideal client that your are excited to work with and that it will convince them to work with you.

I’m ready Leo!

YOUR INVESTMENT: $5000 for 12 hours of one-on-one focused sessions to comprehensively develop your Ideal Client Avatar.

HOW: I’ll help develop your ideal client pain points so that you know exactly what issues to speak to in all your marketing material. And finally, I’ll help develop the language for your benefits – one’s that clearly show what they’ll walk away with after working with you.

Your Marketing Passport

Do all the seemingly endless options for marketing your business or retreat – social media, podcasts, guest blogging, giveaways, make your head spin?

Perplexed on how to build your list?

Cranky because your retreat isn’t filling?

If you have laid a strong foundation for your business and have a perfect retreat planned, but need to find THE most awesome tribe to fill your programs and retreat, then we have your back. We can:

  • Weasel out weak or missing components of your website that have you losing potential clients.
  • Make your ongoing list-building tasks manageable – and systematic, so you can focus on your gift of teaching, healing or coaching.
  • Design a tempting freebie, followed by eye-catching auto-responders and marketing funnels that ensure your clients fall in love with you and your offerings.
  • Lay out your yearlong promotional plan, making sure that your actions make sense for you and your business (who has time to waste these days?).
  • Design your next launch for your program or product.
  • Break down step-by-step how to create Facebook ads, webinars, email marketing campaigns, podcast interviews.

Have no fear, we’re masters at marketing! We’ll weed through your options, find the best fit, then teach you how to promote yourself in a way that doesn’t feel overwhelming, inauthentic or icky!

Yes, Bring on More Business!

YOUR INVESTMENT: Serious inquiries only.

HOW: Breathe deep with an initial 5 hour deep-dive VIP day with Sheri Rosenthal followed by a combination of 1:1 coaching and editing to make sure the marketing plan we designed in person is implemented. (Approximately 10 hours of total assistance time.)

The Copy SOS

Don’t feel like you’ve been effective at writing text that woos your audience? Let us dazzle you with:

  • Copy that pops off the page for your retreat ads, retreat sales page, bio, services, programs, etc
  • Client-centric text that speaks to your tribe in language they’ll love
  • Clear, juicy benefits on why your peeps should work with you

Yep, that’s the magic of having our wordcrafter and copywriter Eva Charlotte will help banish any writer’s block and zap your struggle to touch your clients’ heart, mind and soul.

Since each job is so unique and different, Eva Charlotte always asks to see what you’ve done before giving you a quote. Logically, jobs requiring less work will cost less to do. Contact Eva Charlotte to discuss the details of your specific job:

  • Shoot over a draft and we’ll send you back magnetic retreat sales page text in return
  • Revise, refresh and warm up your tired, distant-sounding bio  
  • Polish your business website’s home page text to a fine shine
  • Upgrade your freebie ebook so it’s irresistible & impeccably edited 
  • Collaborate and co-write any website page or pages that need updating         
  • Let us know any other copy writing needs you have, and we’ll wave our magic wands.         

We will serve up the perfect words to soothe your people’s problems, make your copy sing, and have your clients racing to say “yes!” to working with you!

I’m ready Eva!

YOUR INVESTMENT: Whether you need some fresh, lively, delicious copy for your website, retreat page, bio or freebie, Eva Charlotte has the perfect package tied with a bow for you.

HOW: Your copy will be good enough to eat after after coaching and editing with Eva Charlotte. Ready to talk details?

The Website Inspection Review

Feeling frustrated about your website – like it’s just a placeholder on the world wide web doing absolutely nothing for you or your business?

No worries! We got you!

We’ll go over your website with our eagle eyes, whip up a detailed “Inspection Report,” and recommend an action plan so you can finally have a website that bursts with personality, attracts your peeps, and brings in good money. And of course has you traveling around the world!

By looking through your website we can determine whether you’re using the right language to attract your ideal client on your website, if the copy makes sense, if what you’re selling has clear benefits, if you have a freebie that’s enticing folks to sign up, etc. – and that’s just a start!

By the time we’re done, you’ll understand why things aren’t going the way they should be going – and you’ll know what you need to do to upgrade your website to get leads, drive traffic, and make sales.

I’m ready Eva!


HOW: Set aside 30 minutes for Eva Charlotte to sing your praises and point out what needs tweaking via Zoom.

Then your detailed “Inspection Report” will summarize exactly where to focus your precious time and energy so you’re no longer stuck or wondering what to do.

Brandt’s Vision Walk: The Perfect Tool to Use on Your Retreats!

Searching for a powerful TEACHING TOOL you can use on any retreat?
Looking for a profound RETREAT ACTIVITY that puts your peeps in touch with their own intuition and authenticity?
Frustrated with your RETREAT PLANNING or marketing? Or stuck with a pressing life problem of your own? 

Then look no further! The VISION WALK is a powerful tool both you AND your clients can use to resolve ANY question or problem in less than 30 minutes — even ones that have dogged you for years — just by accessing the voice of your own internal wisdom.

Questions like:

  • Who am I and why am I here?
  • What’s my purpose in life?
  • Where and how can I find happiness?
  • How can I make more money?
  • Is this relationship right for me?
  • What does my business need most right now?
  • What’s the next step in my retreat planning?
  • Shall I hire an assistant or do it myself?
  • And thousands more — in fact, anything!

There are lots of cool things about the Vision Walk. It’s really versatile and convenient. You can use it anytime, anywhere. There are no limits to who can use it. And not least of all, it’s really magical. All you have to do is get clear on your question and consult the clarity of your own heart.

I’m ready Brandt!

I’ve done the Vision Walk with groups from 2 to 250, and everyone gets their answers. I’ve also created a book and CD explaining its origins and how to use it.

Now I’m ready to share it with you. Not just the book and CD, but a JUICY, MULTI-MEDIA PACKAGE especially designed for Wanderlust Entrepreneurs. A package with a variety of exciting elements.

Our Creative Affiliates

Website Design, Development & Support

Oh yes, a profitable online business that transforms lives and enables you to travel the world needs a stunning website that collects email and makes you money!

Does your business website makes you cringe because it’s so out-of-date?
Or maybe your retreat page isn’t getting folks to sign up?

If you are already clear on what you do, who you serve and what you offer – but know your website needs some serious love (or you don’t have one at all!) and you’re not sure how to…

  • Create a responsive, modern, appealing website design
  • Drop in your vibrant copy and stunning photos
  • Add an opt-in form with email to deliver a free guide
  • Set up a full eCommerce system to accept payments securely

Get ready to enter tech-land stress free as you navigate the maze of website development. Theresa Kibler, our Webmaster, can:

  • Whip up a Divi-themed WordPress retreat website or sales page
  • Revamp your entire business website
  • Enhance your Search Engine Visibility with solid SEO Techniques
  • Protect your website with the security it needs
  • Troubleshoot & solve website problems
  • Maintain your existing website for no more tech headaches
  • Create a professional email marketing campaign branded to match your website

I’m ready Theresa!

YOUR INVESTMENT: Theresa Kibler offers a variety of website services. Feel confident that your website is completely secure, professionally built and extremely effective! Retreat Web Packs are available for content management enthusiasts, from only $298. You pick the plan that fits your budget and skills.

HOW: Get started by sending a message or completing a website development survey to receive a personalized custom quote within 24 hours!