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Imagine having 1000 new people join your email list effortlessly just by having fun with your tribe…..

Nope, I haven’t been drinking or smoking anything illegal or bedding down with Frank Kern (he’s a famous internet marketer in case you’ve never heard of him). 🙂

I’m talking about a practically no-cost way to grow and engage your tribe, build credibility within your community, while having the opportunity to teach great content. What am I referring to?

Online Challenges!

Look, I know most of us equate list-building to eating chalk or dying a slow death. But if you feel this way and find yourself avoiding this VERY critical activity in your business, then you’ll want to listen up because you’re going to LOVE challenges and this is why.

First of all – if you don’t work on building your list and following all year long you’re going to REALLY struggle trying to fill your retreats, workshops, and programs. And that sucks. Plus, you can’t help people if you can’t reach them!

In addition, paid advertising has tripled in the past few years which makes it harder than ever to find your perfect clients. 🙁

So to be able to find a way to reach people that is actually FUN and that doesn’t feel like advertising – that my friends is something special.

That’s why I’ve invited Alina Vincent to chat with me today and to share more about this wonderful marketing tool! I’ve run four challenges in my business and I ADORE them – maybe you’ve even participated in one of them. They’ve been a blast for us, our community has loved all four of them – it’s been a win-win all the way around.

The key is to do them correctly – and Alina shares some seriously great tips in this video interview.

If you’re interested in doing online challenges in your business of course it makes sense for you to PARTICIPATE in one first – that way you can see all the moving parts and better understand what you might be getting yourself into.

Not surprisingly – her challenge is also going to feature a “How To Choose Your Challenge Topic” guide. 🙂

So if you want to sign up to Alina’s FREE 5-day Visibility Kickstarter Challenge (I recommend this) – you can do so by registering for her upcoming challenge! She runs it once a year and we’ll be posting the link to sign up as soon at she let’s us know when the next opportunity comes up.

By the way, I did my first challenge with no guidance and I made a couple of pretty big boo-boosnothing my community noticed – but it cost us A LOT in lost sign-ups and decreased sales in the end. So after that I boo-boo I purchased Alina’s program and our second challenge ran smooth as silk. Ahhhhh…..

Oops! If you are watching this video now – it might be after Alina’s Visibility Kickstarter Challenge. However – when the next opportunity comes up – we’ll let you know if you are on our email list.

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