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How to Run a Successful Yoga Retreat

So you want to run a successful yoga retreat? Welcome to the club! The thing is though, most people running yoga retreats have not set themselves up for success. They think they’ll take their people away to a pretty place, do some yoga, eat healthy food, and that’ll be enough to sell out. Unless you are a well-known yogi with a big following though, the chances of that happening are slim.

How to Promote a Retreat Online!

People who know, like and trust you are probably itching to go on your next retreat.So cool, right?But what about everyone else? Reaching them in the crowded online world is no easy task.Facebook ads.  Webinars.  Emails.  Videos.  Challenges. Blogs.  You name it, it’s...

Is it Really Possible to FAIL in Life or Business?

It's natural to feel like a failure when things are not going our way - we learned to think that way since we were children. However, this is not truth. There is no truth in the concept of failure – and there is no impeccability in that word. And that's because no one...

Would people actually pay ME to come on my Retreat??

FOLLOW THE 5 “IFs” AND FIND OUT!We hear it all the time: “I’m not a coach or yoga instructor or teacher of any kind. I haven’t studied with a spiritual teacher, and I don’t have a certificate for anything. Would people actually pay ME to go on a retreat?”The short...

What do you do on a Retreat?

Have you noticed?  The word “retreat” is getting thrown around a lot these days …With people here, there, and everywhere calling their events “retreats.”Yet, most of them are anything but that.What makes a retreat a retreat is experiential learning over a series of...

Want to fill your retreat?

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