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By my early twenties, I had already achieved everything I had been told I needed to be happy: a well-paying job with great career potential (systems analyst and computer programmer), great career potential, a wonderful fiancé, great friends and social activities, and lots of world travel.

By all appearances, I lived a highly successful life, including high-level positions, board rooms, fat salary checks, nice homes — even an unforgettable, violet Ford convertible named Miss Lilac. I was viewed as a highly successful, strong, confident woman living her dream.

But they didn’t see what was brewing inside me. The truth is, I was miserable.

Nothing in this world made any sense to me. Most people seemed so driven by selfishness and greed when the majority of the human population was suffering so greatly. There had to be more to life. So began my quest for personal freedom and awakening.

For years, I shifted from one thing to another, trying to find true happiness: a new job, a new career, a new boyfriend, a new home, a different country. And yes, it all helped for a while. Then I was miserable again, as I hadn’t truly shifted anything at a deeper level — the level that really matters.

All that changed one day in 1990 when I had a near-fatal skydiving accident. During a routine jump, my parachute failed to open, and the reserve parachute failed, too. Yet in that moment when I found myself plummeting to earth and almost certain death, I had an amazing experience. I saw what was really true.

In a moment of intense clarity as I fell, I experienced myself not as Eva Charlotte, but as life itself — as infinite love, faith, and wisdom. In this blissfully detached but fully present state, I was completely at peace with everything, including the fast-approaching death of my physical body.

I knew that I was that which I had been searching for.

I also knew and deeply understood that I was the creator of my own life experience, not the victim of circumstances. And in that moment, I made a choice with all the power of my spirit. I made a choice to live my life fully — to be happy, healthy, and vibrantly alive.

Miraculously, some would say, I walked away from that skydiving accident unharmed. Yet I knew it was much more than an accident.

I knew that I had created it, and that I had chosen the outcome. 

I had chosen to live. Now it was time to walk a different path, finding my happiness from the inside instead of the outside.

Suddenly my passion became the path of personal freedom and awakening. I read everything transformational I could find. I tried any and all modalities and practices — yoga, bodyworkers, healers, meditation, and much more. My life became my personal ashram, my place of inner awakening and my guiding star.

By the year 2000, my life had changed dramatically — or more accurately, I had changed, and profoundly, too. I was no longer miserable but happy and content. At the same time, I felt there was more. A strong urge started to arise, but for what?

Trusting my intuition, in 2004 I set out on a yearlong solo trip around the world, just me and my backpack. On my very first stop, at the pyramids in Teotihuacan, Mexico, I unexpectedly ran into don Miguel Ruiz, author of The Four Agreements. In his eyes, I immediately saw what I had been searching for in myself.

That “chance” meeting with Miguel led to an intense personal apprenticeship and eventually to my becoming his co-teacher, business manager, and life partner. During those years together, he taught me even more about the power of choice and how to align with compassion instead of anger, love instead of fear.

We all have this ability, and it changes everything.

My passion for retreats was born during those years, living and learning with Miguel. I went to countless retreats, both as a participant and as a facilitator. I planned and created all the Ruiz events all over the world, visiting every continent. As my awareness grew, I also became a co-teacher, mentor, and guide.

By 2014, I was “set free” to spread my wings, to “pay forward” the gifts I had received, by sharing my own wisdom and presence as a spiritual teacher.

Today, I’m so excited to be part of the Wanderlust coaching team, sharing all my hard-won wisdom and experience with you as you set out on your own powerful journey. I can’t wait to see your creations come to life and turn into masterpieces. I can’t wait to see you fully embracing the amazing being you are and sharing your gifts with the world.

By all means do we need you!

With all my love, Eva Charlotte