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It’s been a journey.

Sometimes it seems like a lifetime ago that I was in that dark night of the soul. I was in my third year of a new business when the 2008 recession hit. As things got tougher and tougher, I continued on because I had started with the manifesto that “Failure is not an option.”

After years of denial, eventually I gave into reality – and have come to realize that ‘failure’ is not a bad thing. We’re always learning and I’m so grateful to be where I am now. That experience put me on the path that I now follow, and it would never have happened otherwise. For a few years that story of ‘failure’ and all of the little details that surrounded it defined me – in my eyes. But eventually I grew so tired of the story I was able to let it be and let it go. My transformation had begun.

I registered to become a Certified davidji Masters of Wisdom and Meditation Teacher in July 2014 and began my studies that November. In November 2015 I went deeper and graduated as an Advanced davidji Deeper Still Meditation Teacher. I continue to study with him and am always learning and looking for more ways to serve. As an alternative for students who said they couldn’t sit still to meditate, in June 2016 I began to study Qigong. I was drawn to it as a form of moving meditation and became an instructor in 2018.

And in early 2016 I found Sheri and The Retreat Blueprint! I heard Sheri speak on a podcast just as I was about to host my first retreat and I did my best to utilize all of the tips that she shared. And of course you know what happened next – I bought the program and thus began my Wanderlust journey!

In early 2021, I completed four years of study to become a Master Empowerment Certified Coach with the SWAT Institute, and then joined the wonderful Soul-Sourced Business Circle – a five month program – to study again with Sheri, Meghan and Brandt. In 2023 I became certified as a Gentle Trauma Release© Practitioner and along the way had also become a Reiki Master.

I’m passionate about sharing what I’ve learned to help bring others more serenity in how they feel. To help them find a new story. As I’ve grown what I offer has grown. When I was asked if I’d be interested in joining the Wanderlust Team I had no hesitation in my answer – it was a resounding YES! I feel blessed to be here working with a group of wonderful people, helping in whatever way I can to offer support for transformative programs that I 100% believe in. I know through personal experience how wonderful and transformative they can be. 🙂