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”When was the last time, you did something for the first time?” These words have shaped me into a spirited, adventurous and grounded individual.  They are the feeling of exploring a hidden cave in the eco-forest of Punta Cana, absorbing the beauty of the colour of the water, feeling as though the weight of the world had been lifted from my shoulders and as though I was alive again.  The realization that I could escape the barriers of my small town.

Traveling is my therapy, in it I satisfied that inner longing to escape a small town- the curiosity of the unknown, and a rejuvenated feeling of being alive. I now have an exciting hunger for new adventure – It is a tool in my survival kit of life. I had achieved great successes in my work life as a Director of a Men’s Professional Soccer Team, but travelling, escaping, exploring – allowed me to discover the empath and nurturer inside – to leave wounds behind me and to follow my path, experience a sense of peace, and have the energy and drive to help others.

Being a part of Wanderlust Entrepreneur is an exciting adventure. I am surrounded by amazing positive energy, and a fabulous team here at Wanderlust Entrepreneur and I am thrilled to pass that energy onto you!

My past experiences are now something I appreciate – as a Director of Operations a business professor and now a Certified Online Business Manager and Coach Practitioner,  I have practiced my skills to be able to help you with your success.