Getting Comfortable With Uncertainty in Uncertain Times!

Do you find yourself wishing that life would just calm down and be a little more predictable?

After these past few months, it’s not hard to feel that way!

But here’s the deal – as humans we tend to function on the belief that life is predictable and that can get us into big trouble as entrepreneurs, especially when things go really crazy like they did this year.

It’s pretty easy to get caught up in everyday life behaving as if tomorrow is going to be pretty much the same as today: that our appointments will take place, the mail will arrive at the house as always, we will go to work and have our job, and life will unfold as expected.

And because life normally DOES go as planned….for the most part that is…, we tend to get upset, frustrated, or even angry when it doesn’t.

Now, if you ran a poll and asked people if they expected their life to work exactly the way they planned it – I think most folks would say of course not, it would be silly to think that way.

Then why do we get so emotional when things go “pear shaped?” 

Well, this happens because although intellectually we understand that life is unpredictable, our emotional reaction is clearly illustrating that in our heart-of-hearts we believe that life should be predictable, or we wouldn’t get upset, would we?

The problem with this conundrum is this. If life takes an unexpected turn like it did this year – we can end up unable to move forward, like a deer stuck in the headlights.

After all, the ego mind just wants to feel safe and it goes to great lengths to make us feel like we are – even if that’s not reality. It’s up to us as spiritual beings, to see beyond the fear of the “small self” and learn to become comfortable with uncertainty.

Otherwise, if we live our lives like everything is predictable, it’s an open invitation for the cosmic two-by-four to hit us upside the head to remind us that we’re having a momentary interlude with insanity!

Being comfortable with uncertainty means we do our best to go with the flow with NO expectations. We make the best strategic decisions we can, let go, and refuse beat ourselves up if the outcome is not exactly what we wished.

Many times, the reason we become immobilized is because we’re afraid of making the “wrong” choice when the situation is unclear (and we don’t want to feel stupid) – and so we do nothing instead.

In the end, not taking action when you have a business is rarely a good idea. Life is moving at the speed of light and if we do not respond accordingly, life will leave us behind in a pile of dust.

We have to learn to make decisions in a timely fashion and be okay with them no matter what. And most critically, not beat ourselves up if we don’t like the outcome.

Truly, nothing in life is guaranteed. No one has a crystal ball. It’s all one big crap shoot. We can only do is our best, placing faith in the silent inner voice that guides us.

So be brave. Just take action, take chances, be seen, and be audacious.

Because truly, if we can learn to feel comfortable with uncertainty, life becomes an amazing magical adventure and mediocrity takes a backseat.

I, for one, have NO IDEA what next year will bring – but I’m making my best plans anyway.

And if I have to change them, so be it.

But you won’t find this Aries gal frozen in place – I’ll be creating and serving my community no matter what happens, and I hope you do the same.

Need Some Extra Help??

Stress can be overwhelming but isolating yourself and trying to deal with things yourself can be even worse. If you feel that you need emotional support – please let us know and we will share with you how we might be able to help. 🙂

To your wanderlust life & biz, Sheri

Dr Sheri Rosenthal is known as one of the most sought after retreat strategists for coaches, speakers, and authors — and is the owner of Journeys of the Spirit Travel®, a boutique agency specializing in the planning and management of group travel.

Through her Wanderlust Entrepreneur Community and her signature course, The Retreat Blueprint Program, she has taught thousands of facilitators how to design exceptional retreats that allow them stand out in their niche. She is famous for helping clients plan, fill, and profit from transformational retreats that change lives in a huge way while adding serious income to their bottom line!

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